Judy de Swardt Physiotherapy

Optimising function Maximising life

How I can help you

As your Physiotherapist, I form a crucial part of your medical team, often acting as an important link between your initial treatment and your full recovery.

I offer you whole person treatment, including a detailed assessment and development of a personalised treatment plan that we implement together.

My goal is to play a role in optimising your function, bringing you back to full health, and maximising your life possibilities.

My areas of service include:

  • Spinal: Neck and Back pain treatment and Rehabilitation

  • Headaches and TMJ dysfunctions

  • Orthopaedic: All joint strains, sprains and pains

  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

  • Nerve-related pain and dysfunctions

  • Soft Tissue and Overuse injuries

  • Pain Management

  • Pre- and post-surgery Rehabilitation

  • Work Place Ergonomics

  • Chest and Sinus Treatment

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Home Visits for elderly and those in Palliative Care

  • Dry Needling